REVIEW: Blind Attraction

Blind Attraction (Reckless Beat, #1) - Eden Summers

Few gals haven't wondered "what would happen if" when they listen to the dreamy voices and sexy lyrics of their fav fellas on stage. But Ms. Summers takes that "what if" and spins a tale that has the reader turning pages just to keep up with the wild world of those Reckless Beat boys and the girls who love them.


Mitchell spies Alana. He wants her, has to have her. She's shy, sheltered, sexually unschooled. He's challenged, captivated and completely consumed. Along the way, there's humor, tragedy, action, romance, insane chemistry and smokin hot sex. It's like the culmination of all the songs on an album - moments of every element that come together to create an overall smash hit. Most importantly, for this reader, was the unexpected element of fun - this was a fun read. Sure there were moments here an there, but the primary and secondary characters were highly enjoyable, with unique quirks and voices that made them multi-dimensional and genuinely real.


The other bookclubbers highly endorsed this read and I was lagging behind. Truthfully, I was afraid this would be a bit of fluff and have no substance (not that I require that, because folks know I like my brain candy). I truly enjoyed Blind Attraction once I got started. The pace moves quickly and stays pretty consistent. The attraction and chemistry between Alana and Mitch sizzles like rain on a summer pavement. Mostly, I like the feeling that more Reckless Beat stories are out there waiting to happen - Summers lays down some tracks in her plot that tease the reader with what, I only hope, will be additional books to tantalize her readers.