Safeword: Matte

Safeword Matte - Candace Blevins Safeword: matte caught my attention right away. The heroine, Sam, is a part of the fighting scene and could likely take most of the men she spars with. She’s also very intelligent and kind, a divorce lawyer with a heart – what a fabulously inventive concept! ;0 Anyway, Sam needs a Dom who she can’t beat in a fight; someone she feels is more powerful than she so she can feel truly controlled. But the men in the fighting scene aren’t necessarily into the bdsm scene and therein lay her problem. Frustrated, she backs off from dating entirely until Mr. Right literally walks into the ring.

Ethan is a bad-ass cage fighter new to the area. He’s also inexplicably drawn to Sam. They first meet in the fighting scene when Ethan fights Tom, one of her friends, in a cage fight competition. Ethan is known to knock out his opponents but with a little help from Sam on the psychological part of the fight, Tom wins. They meet again when Sam attends a play party with friends from the bdsm scene. Ethan is a Dom. Ethan is a fighter. Sam has found the best of both worlds wrapped up in a delicious package.

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REVIEWED BY: Rebecca, Ndulgent Blogger